Oh Hi There!

Welcome to The Happy Cabin Webshop! 

The Happy Cabin is a very special shop filled to the brim with unique, affordable and quirky apparel for men and women, beautiful home-wares and charming gifts sourced from Australia and across the globe. Since opening it's doors in the winter of 2012, The Happy Cabin has grown in leaps and bounds, and now exists as a place and brand unique to West End and Brisbane. It is loved by locals and passers-by and considered to be a fixture on Vulture St! 

Tucked neatly in our garage is 'Nostalgia Haus' - a cute and compact coffee shop serving up a selection of sweets and smooth coffee.

And so this little hub was born, and from this came a persistent question... "So do you sell online?" 
Folks, we can now answer this question with a resounding YES!

And here you are!

Want to visit us in real life? We're situated at 58 Vulture St, West End, Brisbane, Queensland.